A construction work site can be a dangerous place. That's why you take all necessary precautions – you don't want to suffer a personal injury that puts your family at risk of financial disaster.

However, you can do everything right and still find yourself the victim of a construction accident. And while you might think that such an accident would be handled by workers' compensation, there are situations where you can pursue a personal injury claim.

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When a Personal Injury Suit Is Viable

Many of those hurt in a construction accident just assume that their case will be handled through workers' comp. They don't talk to a lawyer about a personal injury suit because they don't think one is possible.

Here's the lay of the legal land. In North Carolina, most workplace injuries are, indeed, handled through the state's workers' compensation system. This is a deliberate policy choice – workers give up the ability to receive a big verdict in court in exchange for (what's supposed to be) a sure thing payment of medical bills and other expenses.

Every company in North Carolina with more than three employees must carry workers' comp insurance, so most employers are covered. This includes construction companies. However, there are some circumstances in which you can file a personal injury suit for a workplace accident.

The most common provision is the so-called “third party exception.” Basically, the third party exception holds that an injured employee can pursue a personal injury suit if the injury was caused by a third party – in other words, an individual or company that's not you or your employer.

And there tend to be a lot of third parties on a construction site: sub-contractors, electricians, plumbers and more. There's a lot of vehicle traffic, many of it unrelated to your employer's operations.

If your injury was caused by one of these parties, you might well have a case in civil court. These cases can be tricky, and many companies will try and argue your case should go before a workers' comp board.

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