Your spine is essentially your body's indispensable support column. Everything you do, every move you make, is in some way the result of a functional spinal cord. When the spine is compromised, so is the body.

Spinal cord trauma is a severe injury that affects the rest of your life. And they're sadly common in auto accidents and other collisions that can cause severe stress and trauma to the body.

Hayes Law understands just how devastating a spinal cord injury is. We work with victims to pursue justice and compensation, because they – and you – deserve nothing less.

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The Effects of a Spinal Cord Injury

As with most injuries, a spinal cord injury can vary in severity from a relatively mild bruise to a complete break. The severity of the injury will obviously affect the severity of your symptoms and the effects of your injury.

We have helped spinal cord injury victims who have suffered:

  • Debilitating headaches
  • Lack of feeling in extremities
  • Loss of sexual function
  • Difficulty walking
  • Loss of motor functions
  • Paralysis

This isn't an exhaustive list. But it does show just how catastrophic a severe spinal cord injury can be.

Compensation for Spinal Cord Injury Victims

As the victim of such an injury, you're facing years of surgeries, physical therapy and medication. And that's without talking about your pain and discomfort, or, for that matter, the difficulty in working and earning a living while recovering from a spinal cord injury.

As your lawyers, we will passionately pursue all of the compensation you deserve. We will conduct a thorough, professional investigation into the circumstances of your accident, then protect your rights throughout the legal process.

No ethical attorney can promise you a specific result or monetary settlement. But experience matters, and Hayes Law has the proven track record you can trust.

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