Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Greensboro NCIf you're like many North Carolinians, you enjoy safely and lawfully operating your motorcycle. It's a fun hobby that provides many people with a sense of freedom and exploration.

However, there are always dangers when you're on your motorcycle, even if you do everything right. You have no protection. And even worse, many drivers of larger vehicles refuse to safely share the road with motorcyclists.

Hayes Law can help if you suffered a devastating personal injury while on your motorcycle. We have represented motorcycle accident victims for decades, and we will provide you with the attentive, personal representation you deserve.

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Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

We tend to habitually use the word "accident" when referring to crashes involving motorcycles and other vehicles, but it's kind of a misleading label. "Accident" implies that no one was to blame and nothing could have been done to avoid the crash.

That's not often true. In our experience, most motorcycle wrecks have distinct causes. The specific cause can vary, but the root is usually the same: negligence, often on the part of the driver of the other vehicle.

Common causes of motorcycle accidents include:

  • Willful refusal from a car or truck driver to share the road with motorcycles
  • Failure to notice a motorcycle
  • Drunk driving
  • Distracted driving
  • Reckless left-hand turns

This is not an exhaustive list, of course. But it does show that you can do everything right, follow every law, and still find yourself in a devastating accident through no fault of your own.

At Hayes Law, our experienced motorcycle accident lawyers will thoroughly investigate your accident to determine its true cause. Once we do, we can pursue compensation for your medical expenses and other costs.

You deserve experienced legal representation that will treat you with the respect and personalized attention you deserve. That's our promise to you.

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