Dogs are wonderful pets. Loyal, dedicated and sweet, they provide many North Carolinians with joy and companionship.

However, dog ownership carries with it certain responsibilities, chief among them ensuring that the dog does not attack innocent people. A dog attack can be a nasty thing that results in significant personal injury.

At Hayes Law, we represent dog bite victims like you. We take these cases seriously because we know they are serious. Your injuries are legitimate, and so is your legal claim. We will treat you with the respect you deserve.

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North Carolina's Dog Bite Law

It's important to remember that dog bite liability laws vary from county to county. Your legal options in county A might be different than they are in county B. The only way to get a full sense of your options is to speak with our attorneys after your attack.

But in general, North Carolina uses what's commonly referred to as a "one free bite" rule. Essentially, this says that a dog's owner will not be liable for a dog bite if it's the first recorded instance of the dog acting dangerously. This is a long-existing legal precedent going back to the days of English Common Law.

However, there are some exceptions to the one free bite rule, including:

  • A dog over the age of six months, running free at night, is excluded from the law
  • A dog defined as potentially dangerous is excluded from that rule, even if it hasn't been involved in any recorded bite case
  • Prior knowledge of the danger the dog posed to other people could make the owner liable, even on the first bite

As you can see, North Carolina's laws can be a little complicated in this area, and this doesn't even touch on issues such as provocation or trespassing.

The takeaway from this discussion should be the importance of speaking to our attorneys as soon as possible about your attack. Don't make any assumptions about the viability of your legal claim. And don't dismiss the attack as "no big deal." Your injuries are legitimate, and you shouldn't have to pay for them.

If you've suffered an injury from a dog bite or other animal attack in North Carolina, please call Hayes Law today at (336) 645-3959 for a free consultation.