National Teen Safe Driving Week

It’s National Teen Safe Driving Week. If you have a teenager who can drive or who is about to start, this week provides the perfect opportunity to discuss safe driving habits that can help prevent his or her causing an accident. Talking about safe driving behaviors can also help your teenager become more focused and attentive, which may help them avoid being involved in an accident caused by someone else as well.

What is Cut-Through Traffic and Why is it a Big Deal?

Cut-through traffic occurs when motorists use neighborhood streets to avoid more congested roadways. While cut-through traffic occurs on small levels every day, recent closures needed for the Greensboro Urban Loop have diverted large swaths of traffic onto Cottage Place in the Battle Forest neighborhood, acting as a throughway between Old Battleground Road and Lawndale Drive. The problem?

The 10 Most Dangerous North Carolina Counties to Drive In

Labor Day is just around the corner. Often seen as the end of summer, Labor Day weekend typically comes with an impressive uptick in the number of cars on the road. In 2016, approximately 38 million people traveled over 50 miles from home to celebrate Labor Day weekend – and that increase in traffic absolutely increases risks for serious or fatal injury.

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