Coffee is a national obsession. Coffee shops exist on nearly every corner of nearly every main street in nearly every city in North Carolina, and we tend to be very particular about our favorites. So this month, enjoy your coffee a little more, knowing we’re celebrating the bitter beverage as a country.

If you’ll be taking the time to enjoy your coffee this month, why not enjoy it outside of the car? It’s difficult to enjoy doing anything while you’re driving – and this just isn’t fair to the rich and delicious flavor a solid cup of coffee will deliver. It’s also not fair to the other drivers on the road, who are relying on you paying attention and not running into them.

Greensboro, NC Distracted Driving Lawyer

Distraction plays a role in a shocking number of car accidents. Sometimes it’s the primary cause. Sometimes it’s just a factor. But in all cases, inattention places you and everyone else on the road at increased risk for serious or fatal injury. Coffee and other beverages pose serval distraction risks – and these risks are entirely avoidable. Drink your coffee before and after you drive. This will help you enjoy both experiences more and may even save your life.

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