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Who can be Held Liable for Truck Accidents in North Carolina?

The following parties may share liability for damages resulting from a truck accident in North Carolina:

  • The trucker
  • The company the trucker works for
  • The company responsible for loading and securing cargo
  • Maintenance workers and mechanics
  • Parts manufacturers
  • Government entities

Depending on the cause of your truck accident, several parties may share partial liability for economic and noneconomic damages. Because each of these parties will have experienced legal counsel and dedicated insurance adjusters working around the clock to minimize or eliminate your settlement, you need an aggressive North Carolina trucking accident lawyer on your side right away. Our attorneys are prepared to stand by your side, protect you against the predatory tactics of insurance adjusters, and fight tooth and nail for every penny you are rightfully due.

Following an accident with a large commercial vehicle, it can be difficult to know where to turn for help. Please contact Hayes Law online or by calling 336-645-3959 to schedule a cost and obligation-free case evaluation – and let us guide you towards the most effective way to secure maximum compensation.

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